Basic information

Centre of services of SPCCH is the organizational and leader head of Association of Individuals Afflicted with Civilization Diseases (in original SPCCH, z.s.). It methodologically cooperates with 260 organisations (district, basic, community centers and health clubs) from all around Czech republic and cooperates with 70 cities.

District Organization (OO)

District Organizations are established at district level and they have full legal power to act.

OO cooperate with IP and other societes and individual authorities engaged in caring for the disabled. They provide selected social and rehabilitation services, establish and organize the activities of clubs and other interest groups within the district, etc.

Basic Organization (ZO)

Basic Organization are the basic organizational SPCCH article. They are established at municipal level and have full legal power to act. Basic organizations find specific problems of disabled people, initiate and defend their solutions to the specific interests of disabled citizens. These organisations also familiar disabled people with the legislation, with new types of prosthetic, rehabilitation and assistive devices, with programs for health, employment and social rehabilitation, retraining and reconditioning. They also provide selected social and rehabilitation services.

Community centers (KC)

SPCCH in the Czech Republic, z.s. coordinated by the year 2002 the project community centers. Currently, we have community center in Kladno, Příbram, Pelhřimov, Haviřov and Litoměřice. Community centers provide this services: personal emergency relief in various forms (accompaniment to the doctor etc.), exercises with elements of yoga, exercise coordination and memory training, lectures and discussions with the doctor, regular blood pressure measurement, interest and club activities, dance for seniors, etc.

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