The Association of the Afflicted by Civilization Diseases in the Czech Republic, z. s.

The Association of the Afflicted by Civilization Diseases (in original SPCCH v ČR, z.s.) in the Czech Republic, z.s. was founded in 1990. The Association is an unincorporated association with 25,000 members permanently afflicted with serious civilization diseases. SPCCH in the Czech Republic is providing medical and social rehabilitation of physically disabled adults as well as children in 14 regions of the Czech Republic, which include 70 cities and 247 organizations.

We provide the following:

  • Recondition stays for adult with cardiac and respiratory problems, diabetes and dialysis patients, people with multiple sclerosis and oncology diseases and people suffering from fatigue and vertebral syndrome
  • Summer and winter camps, rehabilitation and educational stays for children suffering from asthmatic and allergic disorders, diabetes, epilepsy and cardiovascular disorders
  • Accredited re-qualification courses for instructors
  • Social and legal counseling
  • Professional courses and seminars
  • Rehabilitation exercises and courses
  • Publishing professional publications
  • Interest-free loans to members of SPCCH
  • Lending rehabilitation and compensation tools
  • Activities for people with disabilities and seniors and their families in community centers SPCCH in ČR, z.s.

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